Welcome to Dulwich British Sub Aqua Club

Dulwich BSAC 102 was formed in 1960 by current honorary member and president George Brookes.

We are an active club, dive wise and socially.  We meet every Wednesday at Dulwich College Sports Club (see ‘how to find us’ for more information) and afterwards at the local pub. We hope this website provides you with an insight into what we hope will soon become your local diving club too.

2013 was a busy year…

Despite being blown-out several times in the UK, 2013 was a great diving year. Club dives have included, weekends in Bracklesham and Swanage and much more. Many members have also whizzed off to Egypt, Malaysia, Norway, Iceland,Greece and Lanzarote.

What’s happening in 2014?

Our dive calendar has been updated. 2014 is going to be an exciting year with lots of UK diving planned as well as a trip to Jordan.

Thinking about becoming a member?

Well you’ve come as far as discovering our website, so why not go a little further and arrange a Try-Dive? Held at our training pool in Dulwich, you can meet our club members and try out scuba diving for yourself – and hopefully decide to join up. And it’s only £15! For more information call John on 0750 3261445 or email dulwichbsac@yahoo.co.uk

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